Air Force 1 Low

Color: White/White

Release: Mid 90’s


  • First released in 1982, Nike’s Air Force One is arguably the company’s most successful and important sneakers and is known for being the first in many important facets of both sneaker design and sneaker culture.
  • From a design standpoint it was the first to have Nike’s “Air” technology, a long standing feature that would be used in most of Nike’s sneaker designs to the present day and would become part of Nike’s brand image.
  • Since sneakers back then often had a short shelf life, the Air Force 1 was discontinued in 1984. The sneaker was so beloved by fans that Nike re-released the sneaker on a limited basis in 1986. Since that decision to bring back the sneaker, it has been among their best sellers every year since.


Images copyright flightclub and stockx

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